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Do you keep tickets from every sporting event you’ve been to? Are you trying to go to all 30 MLB stadia, or have you already been? Are you the world’s biggest fan of your alma mater, but never could prove it? Did you smile because we know that the plural of stadium is stadia?


Well boy, do we have the website for you!

The Sports Logbook is the original sports tracking website that was made for sports fans by sports fans. In fact, we’re so sports crazy, we have over 113 leagues consisting of 3738 teams that have played in 2862 stadiums (past and present) in 41 countries! Don’t believe us, or want to see which ones? Here’s a map of all of them for you:

Frequently Asked Questions:

You are missing a team/stadium/league that is really important to me!

If you feel that we have made a mistake or want us to include a favorite league, team, or stadium, and you are already a user, please contact us. If you are not a user, please sign up for an account and then contact us, and we will guarantee that your league, team, or stadium is added within one week.

My college basketball team has never played a game in Cowboys Stadium, what gives?
For the time being, any college basketball team will be able to be a home team for any NCAA tournament basketball venue since 1950, and many of the other arenas for the major season tournaments. Similarly, NCAA Football teams will be able to “host” a game at any bowl site since 1950. This is something we will be working on going forward, but rest assured that your team’s home stadiums will always be on top of all neutral site venues!

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