Introducing: GameFinder!

We here at Sports Logbook know that you love going to games. Why else would you be here? But, as fellow fans, we’ve also run into the same issue as you.

“My wife is gone this weekend! I can do whatever I want!” but you don’t want to search the 40 Major/Minor/College teams within a 6 hour drive to find out who has the best game on offer. Or the old:

“I have a work trip to Boston this week, and I don’t want to spend every night sitting in a hotel room!” but you don’t know where to start.

Well boy oh boy do we have the solution for you. Sports Logbook’s GameFinder will help you find games at any location on any sets of dates, in any sport that you so desire.

GameFinder uses Sports Logbook score data to power the search, and ensures that you will find any game in any of the leagues that we offer automatic game-logging for. Simply select the sports from the dropdown, plant the Sports Logbook flag where you want to search, set your range, and voila! All the games are mapped and displayed in a table for your review. Check it out by clicking here!

The map displays the games using our familiar icon format. Click on an icon within the map to see all the details
View the table to see the details all in one convenient place!

And once you’ve found which games you want to attend, don’t forget to log your game and share with your friends!


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